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Alert Dogs

In a recent study it was demonstrated that


  • specially trained dogs can provide a reliable warning prior to a seizure.

  • the warning of an impending seizure changes the persons life and allows for control and predictability and will reduce psychological problems such as anxiety and depression and improve quality of life.

  • regular and sustained predictability of forthcoming seizures also allow for a reduction in seizure frequency and as such suggests that these specially trained seizure-alert dogs may be considered as a potential and additional treatment for people with epilepsy.

Alert dogs primarily help people with conditions that rapidly affect their ability to function normally. These include epilepsy, hypoglycaemia and angina.  Alert dogs are trained to identify signs of distress in a client and to respond instantaneously either by physically activating a distress button or by barking to activate a satellite sensor mounted on the dog's collar. This sensor then sends a distress signal to the mobile phone of an emergency service, carer or family member identifying the person's location. This innovative combination of training and technology provides 24 hour a day security to the family and client


Seizure alert dogs provide security for their owners by:


  • Alerting several minutes before the epileptic seizure and enabling the sufferer to find a safe place

  • Alerting during the epileptic seizure and pressing the distress button

  • Preventing the patient from falling before and during an epileptic seizure

  • Staying with and supporting the client during and post the alerted incident

  • Ensuring the safety of the client when walking outside his home and assisting navigation after an epileptic seizure (obstacles etc.)

Seizure Alert Dogs .... HOW


The exact mechanism by which dogs can sense an impending seizure is unknown but it is believed that they sense either a chemical or electrical change in the sufferer.

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