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Autism Assistance Dogs

Role of PTS Service Dog

Cognitive and Safety

  • Take “home” safely. - The dog is trained to take the client safely to the last secure place or the place that they departed from.

  • Sensing and identifying abnormal situations (such as breathing distress, falling, panic attacks, hiding, taking cover etc.), reacting accordingly, raising the alarm and remaining in a safe position until relieved. 

Client Carers

  • Reducing the 24 hours a day burden.

  • Improving the home atmosphere by softening stress situation.

  • Improved self-confidence and reduced co-dependence on carers

  • Reducing emotional burden on the household members due to reducing co-dependency.

Client Emotional Wellbeing

  • Reduced clients feeling of loneliness, isolation, confusion and anxiety by being a physical, non-judgemental companion, diverting client’s attention and improving morale.

  • Daily walking the dog also promotes contact between the client and other people in his environment allowing for more interaction and community involvement.

Client Physical Wellbeing

  • Daily walking the dog also promotes improved physical health.Improving balance while walking with the harness and saving from falls

  • The real need of taking care of the dog ensures that the client maintains a steady daily routine which is enforced by the dog when it is forgotten.

  • Bending to attend to dog, grooming and petting are all physical activities that are required for the client’s wellbeing.

  • Find lost or dropped items for clientAssist with a physical disability requirements

Never be alone

Program Outline


  • The program will use DOGS and their natural abilities to assist the various therapists achieve their goals.

  • The main goal of any such a program is always geared toward support, increased functionality, inclusion and independence to ensure CLIENT reaches maximum potential.

  • The development and ongoing review of the program occurs in consultation with the CLIENT, their CARE TEAM, and CSTDA to ensure that the best interests of the Client are served.

  • All programs are specifically designed in consultation to ensure

    • that valid goals are identified.

    • that the identified goals are achieved.

    • that the Clients’ and Dogs’ abilities are developed to enable them to meet new challenges as they arise.

    • that DOG is safe and accepted in new environmentDOGS are specifically acquired and trained to suit each individual CLIENT’s needs.

  • The program is regularly reviewed and reformulated depending on CLIENT’S progress.

  • The program will generally run over a period of around 2 years.

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